skip instead of going to the tip

Getting rid of large amounts of waste is unquestionably an overwhelming task for a lot of us in north wales. When deciding on how you are going to approach the task, there are generally two options – Get your waste taken away for you in a skip, or drive your waste to a tip. While both options have their benefits, we’re going to have a look at the times it may be more useful to hire a skip instead of going to the tip.



For those of you who insist on driving your waste to the skip, this is definitely the less convenient option for getting rid of large amount of waste.

You will have to worry about multiple trips to the tip to get rid of your waste, which can end up taking a large amount of time as you will be constantly loading and unloading the waste from your vehicle. This option may also end up costing quite a lot in petrol as you have to factor in the multiple trips to the tip.

Alternatively, if you get a skip then once it has been delivered all you will have to do is load it up with the large amounts of waste that you have. Once it is full then the skip hire company will come and take it away for you. Also, some people are put of hiring skips because they think they aren’t allowed to leave place their skip on a road or pavement. This isn’t true as you can get permission from your local council to do so, or your north wales skip hire company can arrange this with your council for you.


What Type of Waste?

Both options of waste removals require that you are careful with what exactly you are disposing of. When going to the tip however, you have to be especially careful of what you are disposing of and when. This can be a time consuming process as you will have to separate your waste into different categories.

When driving waste to the tip, there is also the risk of damaging the interior of your vehicle. For example, sharp objects could cause damage to the seats, dusty waste could leave your vehicles upholstery coated in dust and there is also the smell which could end up lingering in your car for a long time.


How much waste?

One of the most important factors when deciding to get a skip or a tip is the amount of waste that you have to dispose of. If there is a large amount then driving back and forth to the tip is just not the way to go and will be a long and tedious process. In this case, it would be better to hire a skip instead of going to the tip.

On the other hand, if you were to only have a small amount of waste then getting a skip may not be suitable and may end up costing you more money than what you’d need to spend.


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