successful skip hire

Successful skip hire?

These 5 top tips for successful skip hire are here to answer common questions that may be had about skip hire and help people looking to hire a skip to have a better experience.

There are over 17 million skips hired in the UK every year and a wide range of different businesses that you can use to hire these skips. When choosing these businesses, there is no real way of knowing what kind of service you’re going to get before it turns up and whether you are going to have a successful skip hire!

You may have tried calling more than one business before you actually hired a skip and you may have found that some of them:

  • won’t quote you a price over the phone
  • won’t give you a time that the skip will be dropped off, or picked up
  • will only accept cash payments to the driver
  1. How can I tell which skip companies are the good ones?

There is no easy way to determine which skip companies are the best ones to use unless you know a company personally. You may see a nice looking advert which you may think represents a good skip company but anybody can pay to get a good looking advert designed and printed.

When using a new skip company, it’s mainly a lottery not just in terms of prices and service, but also in terms of what actually happens to your waste. Did you know that in the UK, every 35 seconds somebody somewhere is fly-tipping in the UK?


  1. Why isn’t my skip picked up or dropped off at the times given?

Too many people do not understand that hiring a skip is not a simple process. Skips are big and heavy and are not easy to transport around. Because of this, there are many things that can go wrong on a pick up or drop off that can change the schedule for the day such as someone overfilling a skip or a skip having hazardous waste. It is rarely the case of bad customer service so it is important that you take these things into account if you are waiting around for your skip to be dropped off or picked up.


  1. Why won’t they take the skip away if the rubbish is just over the fill line?

Skip companies are legally bound to not carry an unsafe load in the skips that they collect. It is not the skip driver being unreasonable, it is the law and they they have to stick to it or else they could find themselves in legal trouble.


  1. Why won’t my local skip company take a credit card or even tell me prices over the phone?

The traditional ways that skip companies do business is either by issuing invoice or cash in hand. Some companies may be reluctant to quote a price over the phone because they are charged for waste disposal by the tonne and won’t always quote an exact price because they don’t know exactly how much it’s going to cost them to get rid of until it comes in.


  1. Why do I get quoted so many different prices?

You get different levels of service from different companies. Most of the time, you get what you pay for. After you’ve had a bad experience, you’ll wonder whether it really was worth saving £20 by going with the cheapest you could find.

Plus there are other factors such as skip permit prices. The variances in skip permit price across the UK are staggering with some council’s charge nothing and issuing them the same day while other councils charge £70 and make you wait weeks before issuing.

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