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Is it just waste that goes into skips?

Managing waste and clutter can be very stressful especially when doing residential projects such as spring cleaning and renovation. Waste can accumulate fast, and if you don’t have a proper disposal system, you may end up getting more clutter in your place. This problem can be addressed by just hiring a skip bins store all the things that you want to throw away.

While you could be pardoned for thinking that all skips are always used for is disposing of construction waste, garden rubbish and broken household goods, the reality couldn’t be more different. In this article, we have decided to highlight you just of some strangest items ever to be found in skip hire bins.

5 unusual items found in skip hire bins

  1. Tower Bridge photos; in the year 2006, caretaker discovered unique photos showing the original construction of tower bridge of the year 1892.Although the photographs are not worth much money, they have both historical values and cultural heritage.
  2. Engagement ring with a packet of a condom; while this remains to be surprising finding, there remains a twist on this scenario. A sanitation worker found a precious engagement ring along with condom packet in a throwaway bag. On can stay wondering why the two were placed together but the only conclusion that can be made is a failed relationship.
  3. Tag Heuer watch; how weird does it sound finding disposed tag Heuer watch in skip hire bin? Perhaps this accidentally slipped off someone’s wrist and fell into the trash. Besides, iPhones and other electronic devices of high purchasing power are other items reportedly found in skip bins.
  4. Personal letters; it is common to find written papers in trash bins but when it comes to a collection of the personal letter, this sound more strange. A clear case is the incident of a sanitation worker in Bolton who found a personal letter of a soldier addressed to his wife during World War 1.
  5. Magic movies and tapes; there have been wealth discoveries of tapes and movies being found discarded in skip bins. A couple of old film canister was found in the skip hire bins and it led to the discovery of two lost Peter Sellers films that were known to be missing (insomnia is good for you and dearth of salesman.)

What can you take from this for when you hire a skip?

The next time you realize that your skip hire bin is filled, make sure you are not throwing away something that you need. There is no good in disposing of your valuable letters or items that have monetary, historical or cultural values.

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