history of skips

Background of skips being used

The use of skips has been employed as a means of waste removal and has been used for a long period of time.Its convenience and ease of use make it one of the best way of ensuring that your surrounding, whether that of your home or office is devoid of any litter that may spoil the outlook and ambiance.A typical skip weighs about 550 pounds when empty.
A skip is basically a large container, mostly with an open top which is specially designed to carry waste materials which are then loaded into a special type of truck.At times, the skip may feature a large door at its end which allows for manual loading and unloading.They are made using strong and durable materials which ensure that they survive the test of time as they are used by laborers and tradesmen.
Below are some of the types of skips that are available in the market:

1.Open Skip.These ones are commonly found at construction sites and feature an open top.

2.Closed Skip.These ones are closed and ensure that waste does not exceed the required limit.They are very secure and ensure that there is no unauthorized use of skip.

3.RORO(Roll on roll off)Skip.These ones are rolled onto the wagon using a hook.These ones are not suitable for domestic use and are mostly found in industrial estates.


Uses of Skips

1.they are commonly used for holding construction or demolition debris.Furthermore, building supplies may be delivered to a construction site in a skip which may later be used to remove debris.
2.They are also used to remove waste from factories that produce large quantities of scrap metal.The waste materials in the skip may be recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner.
In most cases, skip hire companies print Level Fill’ on the side of the skip in order to ensure that it is not overloaded with waste which may end up spilling.This is because spilled waste may pose a health risk to passersby.
The history of using skips may be traced back to Egypt in the 1600BC. It was noted that the ancient Egyptians used skips to manage their household as well as business wastes.
Skips may come in handy especially when you are doing large structural adjustments to your home and large quantities of waste will be produced.
Edwin Walker was an Engineer who worked in Southport and sought a solution to the problem of dumping waste. This was after he realized that there were great distances between people’s residences and the dumping sites since no one was willing to stay near the sites.This made him collaborate with the lorry manufacturing company Pagefield to offer a long lasting solution to the world.


The Bottom Line

Waste management has been a perennial problem for the longest time in human history. This led to the development of efficient waste disposal means such as the use of skips.The use of skips has proven to be one of the best ways of managing wastes while at the same time ensuring that we live in a conducive environment that is devoid of any health hazards posed by wastes.

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