waste from your skip

What happens to the waste from your skip?

So what do you think normally happens once your skip is taken away? You’d be forgiven for thinking that it gets driven away and tipped into a big hole in the ground but this isn’t the case. Yes, there may be a few elements of waste  from your skip that may have to be sent to landfill but the aim for everyone in this industry is to recycle the waste and have zero landfill – some skip hire businesses in north wales are already achieving this.

The recycling process usually starts with waste from skips being tipped out at the skip operator’s site. It is either put through a system of machines and picking lines or sorted into groups by hand. A list of recyclable materials includes:

Plastic, Wood, Paper, Cardboard, Glass, Textiles, Green Waste, Hardcore, Soil, PVC-U, Electrical items, Plasterboard.

When the materials have been separated into their specific groups then they can be sent off to their designated recycling plant in north wales to be disposed of responsibly and often made into something new.

In some cases there are certain materials that cannot be recycled. The waste to energy Industry in this country a means we can now use some of the items that are not recyclable to produce electricity. These modern waste to Energy plants are eco-friendly and no harmful pollutants are released into the atmosphere.

There are some hazardous/waste materials that are not permitted that sometimes slip through the net. These materials include:

Asbestos, Chemicals, Pesticides, Oils (except edible) and Fridges/Freezers, Batteries, Solvents.


What can this waste be used for?

Wood / Chipboard

Any wood or chipboard that is recovered from our skips is shredded and then used by chipboard manufacturers to create new furniture or other wooden products. The recovered wood is also used in some instances by wood fired power stations.


Nearly all of the scrap metal that is recovered from skips is sent to countries such as China, India and Brazil to be recycled. The demand for metal in these countries is continually getting higher and higher.

Green Waste

Any garden waste that is recovered is sent to a facility where they are mixed with other biodegradable materials. Ultimately, any green waste is turned into a form of reusable compost.

Soils and Inert Waste

Most of the excavated materials are screened to remove any large objects that may be in them. The materials are then transported to be used in land reclamation schemes for land which will eventually be used for agricultural or recreational purposes.

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